“Health is real wealth.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Oct 19th, 2013

Category: Health

“Health is real wealth.” – Mahatma Gandhi

It’s important to remember that these physical bodies are simply temporary vehicles that the soul inhabits. But just because this body isn’t you, doesn’t mean you don’t take care of it. So just as you go to yoga to keep the body physically fit it’s even more important to be aware of what you put in it. If you think of the body like a car, you wouldn’t put regular unleaded in to a car that requires premium because it’ll destroy the car from the inside out. So it’s important to remember that the food we eat is our fuel it’s what gives us the energy we need to make it not only through a yoga class but through every day of our beautiful lives.

I was personally raised on the yogi diet, which is lacto-vegetarian. Not because yoga tells you, you have to be vegetarian, but because yogis understood that what we put in to our bodies not only affects our physical health, but also the state of our mind and consciousness, and the world as a whole.

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