Sesa truly is called to be a healing teacher.... She embodies the breath of yoga and breaths karmic prana into her students... I'm so grateful to have her as an instructor

Somer Selway    Website   

I’m convinced that Sesa was a gift to earth from another much more intelligent planet. We do not deserve her, but if I can give you a glimpse of what it’s like to be in her presence it’s something like this:

First, when you see her name on the schedule, you’re probably met with a mindf*ck of “how do you pronounce her name?”. “Sessa?” “Seesa?”. No, it’s “Say-sha”. I don’t know, I still haven’t asked her the origin, but that’s what it is. Ok, now that’s out of the way, let’s continue!

Next, you’re in her class, she’s arrives…or floats in…not a minute before, not a minute after. She has a pretty masculine energy about her which is super crazy because she’s like top 10 most beautiful women on earth. (Or whatever her planet refers to as a female). She is the embodiment of yin and yang. But I am not going to get into what that means…she does a life-changing teacher training on that…WHICH YOU MUST TAKE!!! Well, it’s not mandatory, but it’s amazing.

Ok, so now you have taken her class and you’re obsessed with her playlists and her plank sequences and her blend of wisdom and comedy. You’re hooked.

This is now when you decide to sign up for her yoga retreat in Bali. Ok now this is an experience I can’t even put into words…it sounds like birds, it tastes like fruit you’ve never had, and it feels like being back in the womb. GO. Or not…more room for me to go again.

She is wise. She is cool. She is incredibly knowledgeable. She is not crunchy granola. She is the real deal. And I will be a lifelong student.

Aloha and Namaste.

Lex Lee    Website   

It’s not every day that you stumble upon a yoga teacher so deeply rooted in yoga; someone who was born into a yogic family, grew up studying the yoga lifestyle and philosophy, and then later in her adult life, made the independent decision to teach yoga. Perhaps it’s her beginnings which allows Sesa to embody unadulterated yoga so fully and effortlessly.

Whether or not you you go into a class briefly knowing her history, from the very first class with Sesa you are captivated by her deceptively calm approach which quickly transforms into a rigorous series and her ability to open your mind and ignite your desire to explore yoga.

As you continue to take Sesa’s classes, you come to appreciate and look forward to the thoughtful sequencing and her wealth of knowledge from not only an asana standpoint but more importantly the yoga philosophy.

[Being a NYC resident] I’m unable to take Sesa’s classes as often as I’d like, but I always look forward to not only the practice but also the little piece of wisdom I get to take back with me.


Carolyn Chou   

For me, and I know this might sound like an exaggeration, but Sesa's teacher training class was life altering. In a basic sense, I developed a deeper understanding about the yoga asanas, but what I cherish most is the knowledge I gained about it's spiritual roots and how to continue living an awakened life.

Armando Agustin   

I started a serious and regular yoga practice after going through some major physical and emotional health issues. I’ve spent a lot of time and energy trying out dozens and dozens of yoga studios and teachers around Los Angeles. There are many great instructors here, but there are a few teachers that are flat out outstanding. Sesa is one of those select few.

Sesa’s deep knowledge of yoga and her love of sharing that wisdom comes through with every single class I’ve taken from her. She puts in so much creativity into each class, from unique and challenging sequences, to precise alignment cues and adjustments, to thoughtful and fun playlists, to sharing her deep spiritual knowledge after each class.

I’ve also taken Yin teacher training from Sesa and attended her Bali yoga retreat. Both of those experiences have been highlights in my yogi journey. (If you have a chance to do either of those with Sesa, do it!) I have so much gratitude for Sesa and her teachings, and I can’t wait to catch another one of her classes! 🙏🏼

Jordan Price   

When I first heard about Yoga Teacher Training at Training Camp, I was hesitant to sign up because I have limited time for additional activities due to my job. When I finally took the plunge, I did so with modest expectations—mostly to improve my technique and flexibility. While I achieved those goals, Sesa gave us so much more.

I didn’t anticipate learning so much about myself, or the balance Yoga could bring to my life. Yes, I learned the poses and how to teach yoga, but beyond the physical, Sesa opened my eyes to Yogi philosophy, nutrition and a way of life I hadn’t known would resonate so deeply with me. Perhaps I will never teach a yoga class, but I would not trade this experience for anything. It’s been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and it has changed my life.

Helen Singer   

Having Sesa as an instructor has been a blessing. Her love and passion for the yoga culture shines without a doubt. To be able to learn from someone who eats, breathes and sleeps yoga has been an honor! I would recommend her to anyone looking to broaden their knowledge for the yoga world. She is a one-of-a-kind individual with a heart of gold!

I came out of the program with a great deal of knowledge and such a strong urge to want to keep learning. I gained a stronger attitude, a deep desire to want to continue to learn and many amazing life-long friendships. Thank you Sesa and the Tamal Yoga School for all of your hard work and perseverance!
OneLove & Namaste


Sesa is the girl that you do not know what to expect. Every SINGLE class is a different experience. I have learned so much about yoga and what it means. I am a true follower. Thank you for being you.

Karla Brandenburg   

I've had friends who were raving about Sesa's Yin/Yang Sunday class, that it's the perfect way to end your week, it will give you a great workout and stretch but that her words and teachings make it a spiritual experience. It could not have been more true, I love all of her classes because it works my mind/body and soul. She reminds you of the true origins of yoga, and brings in thought provoking questions and conversations as you practice that stay with me all week. My love for Sesa deepened when I got to go with her group to Bali. It was one of my top life experiences, getting to experience her teachings in such a beautiful place, but also meeting her other students who have been so profoundly affected by her. I always been in search for this kind of yoga community and I've found it in Yoga Salt & Sesa. <3

Melissa Woods   

Yoga was never the same after my first class with Sesa. She truly opened my vision and let me see what Yoga really is.
To me, Sesa is yoga. She not only lives yoga but is absolutely gifted in guiding. Her wisdom goes well beyond the rubber mat and reflects into daily life. When time gets rough, Sesa's lesson literally makes its way to my thought and guides me through. Sounds like I'm being overly poetic but it's true. Hard to describe this lady in words.

I learn so much from her each and every class. And I'm looking forward to more lessons to come!


Yoga was never going to be my thing, didn’t like it, though it was for people who liked to stretch and chant! After 3 failed attempts at trying to be a yogi, I decided to shelve it permanently. SESA O’CONNOR, changed that and has changed my life! From the moment I stepped into her yoga class, she flicked a switch not only in my body, but more importantly in my mind!

Sesa’s unique ability to arrest your attention from the moment you step on the mat is an experience like no other! Sesa expertly guides you on a unforgettable yoga journey every single class by cleverly entwining intense physical transitions, deep thought and yogic traditions, and a cheeky sense of humor. Whether in a studio or private class, Sesa's effortless inspiration guarantees a connection between mind, body and breath. Sesa’s knowledge of the yogic lifestyle, both the asanas and philosophy, as well as her complete understanding of the body, combine beautifully not only to challenge the physical body, but to help you truly connect with your soul and purpose.

Sesa is like a drug, I crave her classes, her teachings and her spirit. She will never truly know just how much she has helped clear my mind, face my insecurities, open my heart and soul and grow, she is a blessing, a true teacher, friend and mentor. My families life is better because she came into my life! Sesa O’Connor is yoga, in its most authentic, yet perfectly challenging form. She is my prescription for a fulfilling life, a marriage of the mind, body and soul that everyone needs. Daily!

Natalie Farnell   

The Tamal Yoga School teach training with Sesa O'Connor was a disciplined approach to learning more about the history & roots of yoga as well as the practicalities of how to teach and true form of the asanas.
YTT helped strengthen my faith as a Christian and deepen my understanding of the complexities & history of yoga - yoking the body, mind and spirit to our higher power - whatever that may be for each individual.

To me, It was the people involved in the training who made the difference. Their life experience and history were second to none. Their commitment to how they live their lives is extraordinary & inspiring!
Sesa is a gently, loving, intelligent and down-to-earth instructor & guide whose patience & devotion to helping each student understand & get the most out of the course is worthwhile. Her life experience in yoga is valuable.
Her kind mother, Kathy O'Connor, who teaches the philosophy section is an experienced historian & researcher who brings ancient teachings to modern-day life. All of us benefited from her life quests & presentations.
Tamal Dodge is a witty, humble & ambitious master of yoga and businessman and taking his classes in Santa Monica was fun and gave a bigger worldview of the yoga world.

I would definitely recommend the YTT to anyone who has the money and time. You will make lifelong friends and it will change you, in a good way. Additionally, I am grateful for Billy and Training Camp, in offering such a quality program of uncompromising value and for providing the place for such a program to take place. I am grateful to Sesa and Training Camp for this great life experience and for the power, humility and grace that yoga has brought to my life.

For me, I have decided to pursue instruction, deepen my understanding & practice and continue networking in the yoga community and am grateful that TC's YTT helped me embark on a new life journey.

Lisa Wilhelm   

Yoga is so healthy, inevitably many people show up to class for the workout ...
Sesa delivers a physically challenging class, while incorporating the true spirit of yoga- awareness and meditation.

This kind of wholesome yoga is not found just anywhere, and more often than not the heart of yoga is left out of other classes....
So thankful for Sesa's influence in my practice, as well as her family's kindness and guidance they have always shared.


B Castillo   

Sesa is an exceptional instructor. Her classes are challenging in a way that builds strength in my body and my beliefs!! Her pace is perfect and she teaches in a way that you could actually take the whole class with your eyes closed... thank you Sesa! Keep shining!

Diana Hudson    Website   

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