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“Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm" - Anonymous


Pose, but the literal translation is “to sit still”. To be able to hold the intensity of the poses and rather than allowing the mind to race wondering why you’re sitting there, or how much longer you have to hold the pose. The mind is able to sit in stillness and just focus on the breath allowing the body to then truly absorb the benefits if the pose.


Prana: breath. Ayama: retention. The practice of controlling the breath to help calm the mind and body. Focusing on taking full inhales and equally long exhales, keeps the mind focused on the present moment. In doing so it keeps the stress of the mind under control. The breath is what gets you through one pose and in to the next, it’s really the most important part of the physical practice.


The Corpse Pose a place of rest for mind, body, and spirit. As the mind and body relax and absorb the benefits of the physical practice, it gives you the soul time to step aside having as close to an outer body experience as you can get. Allowing you to bare witness rather than be participant, just letting go and quite simply letting yourself be.

fourDharana & Dhyana

Dharana – Concentration or the process of building the ability to hold the mind on one object or place. Which leads to Dhyana – Meditation or the ability to keep the mind focused single pointedly on the same object or place without allowing it to wonder. Practicing both will bring peace of mind and spiritual strength.
yo·ga - /yōgə/
To reunite the soul in its original loving relationship with God.