Teacher Training

Sesa is one of the master instructors for the Los Angeles branch of Tamal Yoga School
Whether you want to become a yoga instructor or desire to deepen your practice and love of yoga, this course offers the opportunity to do both. Tamal Yoga School is one of the most prestigious yoga schools not only in Southern California but worldwide. We pride ourselves in giving our students an A-Z in depth understand of yogic knowledge. No matter what your previous experience may be, this course is designed for anyone who has the drive to learn more. The only prerequisites are having an open mind and heart, and a thirst for knowledge.

• Practicing and Teaching Yoga Asana
• Pranayama
• Functional anatomy
• Discussions and understanding of different yoga styles
• Adjusting
• Philosophy and meditation
• Yoga diet
• Learning Sanskrit words
• Working with injury
• Creating a yoga sequence
• The business of yoga
• The history of yoga
• Eastern anatomy (chakras, nadis and the subtle body)
• The benefits of yoga

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