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Dec 21st, 2013

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Body vs. Soul

“If there is understanding of the difference between the body and the soul, then just as we don’t neglect to supply the physical body with food.  Similarly, we don’t live in the illusion that our inner craving or emptiness can be satisfied by endless material consumption.” – Siddhasvarupananda People very commonly make the mistake in […]

Oct 29th, 2013

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When people ask me “Is all you do yoga to stay fit?” I say “Absolutely not.” It always surprises me when I meet people that only do one thing, and that’s it. Yes yoga is amazing, but you can have too much of anything, the most common thing in when it comes to yogis and […]

Oct 19th, 2013

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“Health is real wealth.” – Mahatma Gandhi

It’s important to remember that these physical bodies are simply temporary vehicles that the soul inhabits. But just because this body isn’t you, doesn’t mean you don’t take care of it. So just as you go to yoga to keep the body physically fit it’s even more important to be aware of what you put […]

Oct 12th, 2013

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Oh Massages…..

There’s nothing better than a good massage, I love everything about them. It’s like taking a yoga class but you don’t have to do a damn thing. All you have to do is lay there and someone else does all the work. If I could get a massage every day I would…in a perfect world […]