Body vs. Soul

Dec 21st, 2013

Category: Food For Thought

Body vs. Soul

“If there is understanding of the difference between the body and the soul, then just as we don’t neglect to supply the physical body with food.  Similarly, we don’t live in the illusion that our inner craving or emptiness can be satisfied by endless material consumption.” – Siddhasvarupananda

People very commonly make the mistake in identifying themselves as being this material body of flesh and blood, and in doing so they think that the more material possessions they acquire they happier they will become…although these things may serve as temporary flickers of happiness they ultimately lead to your distress, that which was gave you the most joy will lead to the most misery.  No matter how many material possessions you acquire, you will always find you have this deeper craving and emptiness.  This stems from you, the soul.  You being a spiritual entity cannot be satisfied by material possessions, you need something more.  So just as you feed the body food and go to yoga classes or workout to keep the body healthy, then you won’t continue to live thinking that the more material things you have the happier you will be.  Instead begin to add a spiritual practice in to your day to day life, whether its meditation, mantra meditation (it could be as simple as 3 Govinda or Om breaths in a day), or even just saying a prayer a little bit more often than you might.  When you do so you will find that that inner emptiness begins to fill and you are able find that true ananda or eternal bliss or happiness that all souls are looking for.

By adding a spiritual practice in to your life you are supplying nutriment for the soul and strengthening your natural loving relationship with God.


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